Holiday madness

Baking christmas cookies a few years ago in Germany

So thanksgiving is over.. YAY! It was great, the first year at my house with my husbands family and my mom. I may have stressed a bit much as I tend to have the need for perfection. I did have a great time though. The stress was worth it and it was nice sitting together playing some games and having great laughs.Β  Continue reading Holiday madness

Take a moment.

I am on a roll today with blogs. I hope everyone enjoys them! I will update as I get inspired and today I have had one thought after another and they all tie together. Hang in there as I explain πŸ˜€ The title of the blog is “Take a moment.”Β Take a moment for? is probably what you are thinking. Good, got you thinking. For pics you have to keep reading πŸ™‚ Continue reading Take a moment.